EASTCHESTER - The parents of a girl who was almost abducted at River Ridge Stables in Eastchester appeared in court Wednesday to push for tougher charges against the suspect in the case.

James McKean is charged with endangering the welfare of a child and criminal trespassing. He left court without saying a word, but his lawyer professed his client's innocence.

"The only thing I'm going to say is that after a lengthy investigation by the police, it will show my client did nothing wrong," said defense attorney Ed Winder.

McKean is accused of befriending 11-year-old Jessica King at the stables and trying to lure her into his car last week. According to witnesses, King broke free and yelled for help.

Stefanie King, the girl's mother, wants charges against McKean upgraded to attempted kidnapping. "I'm hoping they're going to keep tabs on him and know where he is all the time," she said.

In court, prosecutors said the investigation isn't over and that they may be asking the judge to add more charges against the suspect. They said McKean, who's free on $750 bail, has been spotted around Blind Brook schools.