MAMARONECK - Parents voiced their strong opposition to a plan that would stop some busing routes for private school students living in the Mamaroneck School District at a meeting tonight.

Mamaroneck's superintendent says he's working on reducing $2 million from the school budget and some transportation routes for private high school students are going to be cut. The students would then have to take public transportation to get to school.

Parents at the meeting said they're strongly opposed to the decision, claiming public bus schedules are unreliable and students would have to walk further, causing safety concerns.

"You have a legal obligation to provide transportation to students to get to school if they live a certain distance from that school," says parent Lisa Kern. "The state law does not say anything for having a different responsibility for high school students."

The school board says this will not affect bus service for elementary and middle school students. School officials say they've also been working with legal counsel. They say the transportation policy is permitted by law.