Ossining's First Baptist Church steeple sways with high winds

Charles Clayton and his wife Lashea were arrested Wednesday night and charged with robbery and assault against a woman who is seven months pregnant. (3/13/14)

OSSINING - Members of an Ossining congregation are praying an act of God doesn't destroy part of their church.

Today's gusty winds made the historic First Baptist Church's steeple start to sway.

The church is at the intersection of Highland Avenue and Church Street in Ossining's business district. It was built in the 1870s and for the past 140 years, it has withstood the worst that weather could throw at it.

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Complicating matters is that only the center part of the steeple has any internal supports. Late this afternoon, the engineer called in by the church determined the steeple is not structurally sound and has to be repaired immediately.

Ossining's Church Street will remain closed as a result. Repairs are expected to begin Friday morning.

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