YONKERS - New information has been released on one of the suspects from the Hudson Valley who was arrested in a child pornography sting this week.

Law enforcement agents say they were already looking at 29-year-old Port Chester resident Solomon Ben back in November. According to a federal complaint, agents traveled to his home on Westchester Avenue and asked to speak with him.

The complaint says that Ben initially denied the accusation, but later gave up electronic devices and admitted to visiting websites featuring sexually exploited children. The complaint also says that Ben had been sharing files with purported pedophiles for about five years.

Authorities say Ben is currently out on bail and is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on May 28. Experts say despite the massive arrest, there really is no way to patrol pedophiles online.

"You can search Google, Bing, any of the search engines," said Institute for Internet Safety Director Alvin Joseph. "Unfortunately there are communities that pop up and you just need to gain access and that is the danger."