PEEKSKILL - In News 12's last installment of its special report "Hooked on Heroin," Tara Rosenblum rode along with a veteran drug enforcement officer in Peekskill.

Rosenblum spent two days undercover with officer Matt Basso to get a first-hand look at how law enforcement is dealing with Westchester's growing heroin problem. Basso says heroin use is on the rise in Peekskill.

"There's sometimes I leave the police station and every car we pull over, we make a drug arrest," says Basso.

Basso says his ride through Peekskill is often dangerous and he warned Rosenblum and her cameraman to keep their heads down in case guns were fired. Just three minutes into their ride, Basso pulled over a known heroin dealer, but held off on making an arrest.

In Peekskill, Basso says dealers sell heroin in supermarket parking lots and even out of a nursing home. Basso recounted one time he found decks of heroin hidden in an infant's diaper.

Police made their largest heroin bust in city history last month at a house on Grant Avenue. Basso says the police seized $1.2 million worth of pure heroin. With heroin a growing problem in the region, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) wants the Hudson Valley to be designated as a high-density drug trafficking area. This would allow local officials to receive more federal resources to fight heroin.