THIELLS - The reaction to News 12's special report "Hooked on Heroin" was so overwhelming that reporter Tara Rosenblum visited a local school to talk about what she learned during her six weeks of researching and reporting on the subject.

Rosenblum was invited to North Rockland High School Monday by history teacher Kevin Metcalf to talk about the heroin epidemic in the Hudson Valley.

The students had many questions about the topic, but it was also a learning experience for the News 12 crew after students told them how easy it is to obtain the deadly drug in the area.

Ruth Bowles, executive director of the Rockland Council on Alcoholism and other Drug Dependence, says what concerns her the most is the lack of treatment options, since so many addicts are hooked and seeking help. She said that it's not uncommon to call a treatment center and be told that they don't have a bed.

"Waiting lists can be a death sentence," she says.