YONKERS - The New York State Education Department released its principal and teacher evaluation results.

With the evaluations, parents are able to compare schools, districts and the teachers themselves.

In Westchester County, 94 percent of teachers scored effective or highly effective on the new evaluations, which are posted on the NYSED.gov website.

Parents or guardians of an incoming child are able to see how a principal or teacher did last year.

The website does not list individual teachers' names, but how teachers of a school as a whole did in the last year.

Parents just need to log on to the website and click on the 2012-2013 district reports and annual professional pages. There, it will show how many teachers and principals are ineffective, developing, effective or highly effective. Filters help parents find out how teachers in a certain grade or class performed.

Some parents and teachers warn that the numbers won't tell the whole story. They say it can be seen in how many kids are happy, supported and end up graduating.

The teacher evaluations are based on a number of criteria including principal reviews, classroom tests and state testing results.