YONKERS - The new Tappan Zee Bridge could also get a new name when construction is complete.

Construction on the new Tappan Zee Bridge is underway, but the new bridge still doesn't have a name. Although it may ultimately end up keeping the same name, there is speculation that the naming rights could be sold in order to keep the cost of tolls down.

State officials say they're focused solely on building the new bridge and haven't even thought about naming it yet. The New York State Thruway Authority is calling the bridge the "New New York Bridge" for now.

Christopher Salute, a marketing professor at Mercy College, says that if a company were to sponsor the bridge it would be difficult to see a return on its investment. Therefore, he says it would only make sense for major local corporations, such as Pepsi-Co, IBM or Mastercard, to sponsor the bridge.

The new name will have to be approved by the state Legislature.

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