NEW ROCHELLE - DPW crews across the Hudson valley are gearing up their equipment once again, ready to work overtime during tomorrow's storm.

At least one highway department will be running very low on road salt, which is a key part of its snow-fighting arsenal.

New Rochelle's Public Works commissioner tells News 12 their last shipment didn't make it in time for the icy storm ahead and now their supply is the lowest it's been in years. Commissioner Alex Tergis says other cities on the eastern seaboard are in the same boat after an overseas shipment failed to come through. "All the major distributors are low or just about, at this point," says Tergis.

Tergis says New Rochelle crews will be hitting the streets from Wednesday at midnight throughout the weekend with about 1,000 tons of materials. "But it's all old material that's been affected by the elements. It's very blocky so it will be difficult to break it up and spread it on the streets."

The city is urging residents to use extreme caution on the roads, and to steer clear of street parking. "The more they can make it open and available for us, the quicker we'll be able to get there and open up the streets," adds Tergis.