Neighbors in Highland Falls spoke with News 12 about the mother of three killed in her apartment Friday night.

The victim, 62-year-old Junco Salters, was found dead in her second-story apartment on Post Street. Police say they believe Salters was killed by her husband.

Neighbors say they heard yelling from within the apartment, prompting one resident to call police. Neighbors say that officers arrived on the scene, then left, but later returned.

The suspect took off after the alleged murder, but was found by authorities in Irvington, New Jersey, after he crashed his car.

If her husband is convicted of the crime, it will mark the second domestic killing to strike the family. Salters' brother, Peekskill cab driver Terry Lee Camper, was murdered for money by his wife and her lover two years ago. His wife, Beatrice Camper, recently look a plea deal in the case.