CLARKSTOWN - One of the four women arrested for the murder of Peggy Nadell appeared before a judge in Clarkstown Justice Court yesterday.

Tanisha Joyner, 26, cried uncontrollably throughout most of her arraignment late Tuesday night. The mother of two was extradited from Washington, D.C. and is charged with felony conspiracy for allegedly lying to investigators. Prosecutors say Joyner gave Nadell's alleged killers an alibi that they were in Washington, D.C. the night the 80-year-old Valley Cottage woman was murdered in her home.

Police say Nadell's daughter-in-law, Diana, hatched the plot to kill her and then recruited three other women, including Joyner, to get her hands on a $4 million inheritance. They say Diana Nadell and another suspect used their cellphones to lure Peggy Nadell to open the front door of her home in January where they then attacked and killed her. According to the criminal complaint, Joyner repeatedly told investigators that Diana Nadell was with her in Washington, D.C. when the murder occurred.

Peggy Nadell's daughter and family members sat quietly in court during the arraignment. They say were not ready to make any comments.

Joyner was taken to the county jail and her bail was set at $500,000. She is due back in court next week.