YONKERS - Metro-North's Hudson line is back on track after a mudslide near the Glenwood station in Yonkers.

A 40-foot wide mudslide caused a partial collapse of a retaining wall, covering tracks with 3 feet of concrete, rock and soil. Workers are still removing debris that remains on one of the tracks and officials haven't given an exact time as to when that track will be back in commission.

Commuters at Glenwood and the three other stations will have to deal with some changes getting on the train for the next few weeks. Only three of the four rails will be in operation, which means northbound morning commuters at the Glenwood, Riverdale, Ludlow and Greystone stations will be using metal bridge plates to cross the tracks and get on the train. Evening commuters will switch to the opposite side of the tracks to let southbound commuters use the metal plates.

The owners of the retaining wall that collapsed plan to put up a shield to help stabilize the wall so no more debris can get on the track.