MOUNT VERNON - A Mount Vernon student is under arrest after she allegedly assaulted her fellow classmate at their school last week.

Shania Scott, 15, says the other girl pulled her by the hair and threw her to the ground in a stairwell at Nellie Thornton High School before she stomped on her head repeatedly. Scott says the wound in her head required five staples to close it.

Scott's mother says the school needs guards patrolling the stairwells and security cameras to prevent any other fights. Other parents agree, with one saying security cameras could change students' attitudes if they know they are being watched.

A spokesperson for the district says they are taking the matter very seriously and investigating the incident.

Both Scott and the girl who allegedly beat her were suspended five days for fighting. Another student who police say recorded the attack on a cellphone was suspended for one day. Scott's mother is trying to have her daughter's suspension wiped from her record.