NEW ROCHELLE - Love and passion for the sport of motocross is what helped one New Rochelle resident overcome tragedy and get back on track.

Max Gomez got his first bike when he was 4 years old and eventually grew to love riding motorcycles. That interest led him to train hard so that he could compete in motocross racing. By the time he was 18, he was winning races and getting better each time.

Then during a race in 2012, Gomez came out of a jump the wrong way and injured his leg. Complications from the injury forced doctors to amputate his right leg, but that didn't stop his desire to compete.

Thanks to a prosthetic leg and determination, Gomez, 20, is back on the motocross track. He recently won the Extremity Games Motocross Race in Michigan for the second straight year.

Gomez says his next goal is to win the Summer X Games.