MOUNT VERNON - It's unclear when Mount Vernon employees will be called before a grand jury in a finance probe, but the list of people with subpoenas continues to grow.

The federal investigation centers around Mayor Ernie Davis and money donated to a Hurricane Katrina relief fund that he started in 2006.

Sources say Mount Vernon Fire Commissioner James Gleason's secretary, Davis' former executive assistant, has been served with a subpoena. Gleason would not comment.

News 12 obtained bank statements that show the Katrina fund at more than $11,000. It began with more than $12,000 and sat dormant until a check was dispensed this past June to Sylvina Montana, who is from New Orleans but now lives in Mount Vernon.

Montana lived in the same building as one of the executive assistants served in this probe, but it's unclear why she was given the money.

Meanwhile, Davis says the investigation is a vicious plot masterminded by political rivals.