Book store giant Barnes & Noble has settled a case with a local woman who sued them for mistreatment over a breast-feeding incident.

Shereen Matera says the discrimination happened last March while she was looking for baby books. Matera says she was told to "cover up or leave" while breast-feeding her son at a Barnes and Noble in Nanuet.

Other breast-feeding moms have flocked to her defense, even organizing a "nurse-in" at the store. "This could have really ended it for another mother. It could have brought her confidence down. She wouldn't breast-feed anymore," says Matera.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced Wednesday that the book store must now offer more training for its workers. In New York state, a mother may breast-feed her baby in any location regardless of whether she is covered.

Barnes and Noble says it supports breast-feeding and will offer more training for its workers. The national chain also agreed to donate $10,000 to Rockland County's Breast-feeding Promotion and Support Program.

With this support, Matera says she is even more comfortable with her decision to feed her son in public that day.