WHITE PLAINS - The jury deliberating the second murder case against convicted killer Lucious Crawford could not reach a verdict and a mistrial was declared today.

The same jury convicted Crawford last week in the 2012 murder of his girlfriend Tonya Simmons in her Mount Vernon apartment. However, jurors could not decide whether he killed Laronda Shealy in Yonkers in 1993.

Crawford was charged with second-degree murder and possession of a weapon.

Yesterday, jurors asked for a reread of the testimony given by the lead detective in the case. The detective testified that Crawford admitted to killing Shealy. However, there was no DNA evidence tying Crawford to Shealy's murder in the stairwell of a Yonkers apartment complex. A witness saw the two together before the murder.

The jury had been deliberating since last Tuesday.

Crawford has already spent decades behind bars for stabbing women in South Carolina.

Crawford is also going to be tried for allegedly killing another Yonkers woman back in 1993 and then dumping her body in the Bronx.