EDGEMONT - Today marks three years since the disappearance of Edgemont native Lauren Spierer.

The college student went missing after a night of partying at Indiana University, and police say investigators continue to receive tips in the case.

Police in Bloomington, Ind. say they've received close to 300 tips this year alone. Investigators, as well as Spierer's parents, say they continue to hope someone who knows something will eventually come forward.

Spierer was last seen shortly after 4 a.m., walking alone just three blocks from her college apartment after a night of partying.

And while no criminal charges have ever been filed in the disappearance, her parents have filed a lawsuit against the two people who were the last to see her alive: Jason Rosenbaum and Corey Rossman, who were also students at the university at the time. The Spierers’ suit accuses Rosenbaum and Rossman of negligence for giving alcohol to their daughter, who was already intoxicated, and that they owed her a duty of care.

The two men claim they don't know what happened to Spierer and their attorneys argue the two were not responsible for the safety of another adult.

The lawsuit is expected to go to trial next spring.