NEWBURGH - Family and friends gathered Saturday in Newburgh to remember a young mother tragically killed in a road rage accident back in November.

A block party and memorial were held in honor of Tiffany Lesane, who was driving with her 9-year-old son on I-84 when she ran off the road and died after her car overturned in an embankment.

Witnesses say there was some sort of road rage between the 27-year-old's vehicle and a light blue vehicle. They say both were driving at a high speed and trying to cut each other off right before her car lost control. The driver of the second car has not been found, but police believe he was wearing a Yankees hat and driving a blue Dodge Caliber.

Last Thursday would have been Lesane's birthday, and family and friends are hoping someone can give them information about what happened the day she died.

Lesane's son is being cared for by members of the family and community. Her father says police do have a suspect, but no one has been prosecuted.