RYE - A nearly one-hour meeting between Rye Mayor Joseph Sack, County Executive Rob Astorino and County Board Chair Michael Kaplowitz failed to resolve an impasse over the future of Rye Playland, but was called a good first step.

The city of Rye wants to be designated the lead agency so that it can make final decisions on the park's future. Astorino says the county cannot surrender its control over county parks to a local community.

Many are concerned about the construction of a sports complex in what is now Playland's large parking lot.

The nonprofit group Sustainable Playland was well along in its designs for the new Playland when Sack demanded the city take control of the project. Earlier this week, Sustainable Playland put planning on hold because of the legal uncertainties raised by Sack's demands and a pending lawsuit by County Legislator Ken Jenkins.

Problems with parking in the neighborhood bordering Playland is just one of Rye's worries, but Kaplowitz says the board will listen to concerns about what happens in the park. While nothing has yet been resolved, a spokesman for Sustainable Playland says the group is still hoping a compromise can be reached.

While another meeting is supposed to take place next week, there's no word yet on exactly when it will happen.