SPRING VALLEY - Spring Valley officials reached a last-minute deal on the village’s insurance coverage Friday, averting a shut-down that would have sent public officers home on Monday.

Village Mayor Demeza Delhomme held the meeting to try and seek the board's approval. Tensions mounted as newer board members demanded more information on an upcoming $1.8 million insurance bill, an alleged 20 percent spike.

Members say they did not initially get the information they needed to make a smart decision. Some pointed fingers at the mayor and made corruption accusations against him.

Though an agreement was finally reached, some board members say the chaos leading up to it is proof that change is needed. Spring Valley has had its insurance carrier for the past 30 years, and while the renewed policy costs more money, board members say it is still $30,000 under budget.

Without a resolution, the village would have had to shut down its operations, including police vehicles and fire trucks, when the current policy expired on Monday.