SPRING VALLEY - A Spring Valley mother who pleaded guilty to killing her newborn son accepted a plea deal today.

Maria Guaman-Guaman, 24, gave birth to a baby boy, now called "Baby Angel," in November. Shortly after, she admits to strangling him and placing the child's body, with the umbilical cord still attached, inside a plastic bag. She dumped the body inside a recycling bin at a convenience store less than a few hundred feet from her home. The infant was found later in an Elmsford recycling center.

Rockland County District Attorney Tom Zugibe says he weighed every factor possible before deciding to reduce the charges for Guaman-Guaman.

"She was under extreme emotional distress at the time she committed the crime," he said. "She suffered a serious head injury as a child. She was operating with a 53 IQ and she had other issues."

Under the plea deal, Guaman-Guaman faces 15 years behind bars. She will face deportation after that.

She will be sentenced in September.