RYE - A marathon runner from the Hudson Valley who finished her 12th Boston Marathon just minutes before the bombs went off last year is returning to Boston to run again this year.

Vickie Cox, of Rye, finished the Boston Marathon last year in four hours and 9 minutes. One minute and 45 seconds after she finished, the first of two bombs went off. Cox says she was "horrified" by the attacks, which killed three people and injured more than 200. A fourth person, Police Officer Sean Collier, was killed three days later when he was ambushed by the two alleged Boston Marathon bombers.

Cox says thinking of her late parents and sister while she runs is what inspires her, but since last year, she's been thinking of the four Boston Marathon victims a lot as well. To honor them, Cox will be wearing a special jacket embroidered with the victims' names.

"I wanted to carry their names on the back," says Cox. "That way, people see it and people remember them."