MAMARONECK - Residents in Mamaroneck are demanding that village leaders take action against a local bar over complaints of noise and garbage.

Almost 200 residents have signed a petition urging the Zoning Board of Appeals to consider their worries before granting another permit to Molly Spillane's on Mamaroneck Avenue.

Dozens of residents also packed into Mamaroneck Village Hall on Thursday night to voice their complaints.

Residents who live near the bar say their sleep is often interrupted by noise. Some say garbage has been thrown into their yards as well.

The bar has been open for six years and neighbors say it has been an issue ever since.

The owner of the bar says that most of the complaining residents live in an apartment complex across the street that faces the bar's back patio. The patio is open to patrons until 3 a.m. and the owner says he has never had a noise violation since he opened for business.

Residents say that the cops have been called to the bar numerous times. Residents say they are frustrated with the lack of police enforcement.

Residents say they are not trying to shut down the bar, but they want to reach a compromise. Some have suggested forcing the owner to shut down the patio at 11 p.m. or to create a wall to buffer the noise. The owner says he is willing to consider the ideas.

The board may vote on the matter at its meeting in August.