SCARSDALE - Three children from Yonkers are donating their hair to help other kids suffering from serious illnesses.

Five-year-old triplets Logan, Luke and Liam Runge went to Snipits Hair Salon in Scarsdale Tuesday for their first haircuts.

Their mom, a registered nurse, brought them there to donate their hair to Locks of Love, a non-profit charity that accepts human hair donations to be used to make wigs for Canadian and American children who have lost their hair due to serious medical conditions.
With hair lengths of 10-inches on Logan, 15-inches on Luke, and 17-inches on Liam, the boys, since birth, have been part of a loving master plan by their parents to donate their hair to the organization.

"My husband and I, when the babies were born, it was a plan from the beginning," says mom Marisol Runge. "Both of us have had family that were battling cancer.  Some are having a hard time with illness right now, and we said it would be a good thing."