TARRYTOWN - The governor's office announced today that it will be adding lit buoy markers from the Tappan Zee Marina to the channel in the Hudson River.

The owner of the Tappan Zee Marina says the construction barges out on the river have been forcing boaters to take new routes. She had been calling on the state to add additional safety measures because of the detours.

There are currently 90 construction vessels in the river, and unfamiliar detours will be in place to avoid the work zone.

The state is also launching an online GPS tracking system that will allow boaters to track construction vessels. At the peak of construction, there will be about 130 vessels in the work zone.

The work will be done by the Coast Guard along with Tappan Zee Constructors after formal approval is given by the Coast Guard. State officials are hoping they will be in place within the next two weeks.