PEARL RIVER - An emotional final farewell took place today for the bride-to-be from Rockland who was killed in the tragic boating accident on the Hudson River.

Hundreds turned out for funeral services for Lindsey Stewart at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Pearl River, the same church where she was to be married next week.

The 30-year-old lived in Piermont with her fiancé Brian Bond. Last Friday night the two went for a boat ride on the Hudson River with four friends, including best man-to-be Mark Lennon. The powerboat, driven by Jojo John, slammed into a construction barge that's part of the new Tappan Zee Bridge project. Stewart and Lennon were thrown from the boat and both died as a result of drowning and severe head injuries.

Friends say Stewart and Bond were longtime friends who grew up together in Pearl River. Several years ago romance blossomed between the two. "They made a lovely couple. They really were a handsome couple and we were all so happy for her. You only find that love of your life once in a lifetime," says family friend Gerry Reynolds.