NEW CITY - Faculty and students in Rockland are coming together to help a second-grader at the school who needs a heart transplant.

The faculty at Summit Park Middle School in New City came up with an unique idea to raise money to help 8-year-old Pablo Patino get the heart transplant he desperately needs. Pablo has been in a Manhattan hospital for weeks, with his parents by his side, literally fighting for his life.

English teacher Paul Cassidy decided to donate his entire Lego collection to raise money for Pablo's family. "I am tripping over Legos in my house so I said ‘OK it's time to clean out the attic and make the school part of the endeavor,’" says Cassidy.

Students, their parents and faculty were all too eager to do their part as well. "I decided to make the students part of the cause. I wanted them to help the boy and have some fun and happiness of their own," says Principal Kim Hewlett.

The donated Legos were then put on sale and, in just one day, the teachers raised $1,000. They will continue to raise money until the end of the school year.