BRONXVILLE - A Bronxville man is suing Lawrence Hospital because he had to have surgery twice to get his appendix removed.

Investment banker William McCormack took an emergency trip to Lawrence Hospital back in 2013, when doctors diagnosed his extreme stomach pain as acute appendicitis. The now 43-year-old underwent surgery and was told his appendix was removed.

About a year after his surgery, McCormack was in upstate New York when he started to feel those same stomach pains. When doctors examined him, they discovered that he still had his appendix.

McCormack is suing the hospital and the surgeon who claims he performed the appendectomy. The lawsuit claims what was actually removed from McCormack was a "yellowish mass," not his appendix.

His attorney says documents show the hospital and the doctor, Michael Kerin, realized the mistake and carelessly ignored it. McCormack is asking to be compensated not just for the pain and suffering, but also for having to go under the knife twice.

Attorney Mitchell Baker says the hospital and surgeon may have been faced with more than medical malpractice had McCormack’s appendix not been removed upstate.

Calls for comment have not been returned by Lawrence Hospital.