MIDDLETOWN - A Hudson Valley man is accused of demolishing his wife's house without her knowledge or permission.

James Rhein, of Middletown, is facing second-degree felony charges for allegedly using an excavator to knock down his wife's house while his wife was running errands.  

Police say the 48-year-old went to Diane Andryshak's house at 11 Woodland Ave. Monday morning with a rented Komatsu excavator and turned the house into rubble.

Andryshak says she doesn’t know why her husband leveled the house. 

Rhein, who is out on bail, drove by the house and was asked by News 12 why he tore down the home. He said the foundation was bad and had to be taken down.  He also insisted his wife knew all about the drastic repairs.

Andryshak said that they were supposed to do repairs on the house and were staying elsewhere, but everything they owned was still inside the home when it was leveled.. She says that she and her husband were not having marital problems.