ANAHEIM, CA - One of Disney's most popular family rides is celebrating a milestone.

"It's a Small World" boat tour turns 50 today. The ride features a colorfully costumed cast of audio-animatronic dolls that sing the catchy tune in multiple languages.

The "It's a Small World" ride debuted at the 1964 New York World's Fair in a salute to UNICEF. It moved to Disneyland Resort in California in 1966. A version of the ride has been installed in all five Disney theme parks, where the song plays an estimated 1,200 times a day. To mark the 50th anniversary, cast members from all five Disney resorts will take part in a global sing-along of "It’s a Small World."

Fans are also joining in the celebration online by recording themselves singing the theme song and creating their own virtual small-world dolls.