YONKERS - Today was the first day on the job in Yonkers for interim School Superintendent Michael Yazurlo.

The former Roosevelt High School principal officially started work today, ending a month's worth of speculation about who would take over the district. 

Yazurlo said he contacted Mayor Mike Spano after Bernard Pierorazio's sudden resignation to help out an educational committee in finding a new superintendent. Instead, Yazurlo got the job.

The biggest struggle Yazurlo is facing in the Yonkers Public Schools system is a growing budget deficit that he wants to eliminate.

When he was principal of Roosevelt High School, Yazurlo got the school off a list of worst high schools in the state. As the former Tuckahoe school superintendent, he drafted budgets for 13 years.

Yazurlo only has the job until mid-July, at a salary of $30,000. He's not looking to leave anytime soon, though

"I'm really hoping and praying grace that I perform at a level that exceeds expectations, and that there's no need for the board to bring in an outsider," he says.

Yazurlo was born and raised in Yonkers and has taught classes at the graduate level.