TARRYTOWN - Hundreds turned out last night to support the re-election of Gov. Andrew Cuomo at a fundraiser in Westchester.

Outside, dozens of environmental activists showed up to crash the party at the Doubletree Hotel in Tarrytown. Protesters are calling on Cuomo to ban hydrofracking, the controversial method of drilling for natural gas.

The democrat has yet to make a decision on whether to allow fracking in the state, citing the need for further studies. But opponents say the negative impacts of fracking are clear. "Two weeks ago I spent a lot of time in Dodgers County, West Virginia where they're heavily fracked and you would think a lot of jobs come from it, but actually they take a lot of out of states. They come in and they ruin the land and they litter, a lot of the locals aren't getting the jobs," says Samantha Spoto.

The protesters are also no fans of Republican Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, who is running for governor this year. Astorino says if elected, he would approve fracking saying it would boost the economy and create jobs upstate.