Group calls for police accountability after deadly shootings in Westchester

There is a call for the county to create an police intervention team designed to deal with mental health sufferers. (5/6/14)

WHITE PLAINS - There's now a new call for Westchester County legislators to take action and hold police accountable in the wake of several deadly police shootings.

Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., whose father was shot and killed by White Plains police in November 2011, spoke in front of the Westchester County Board yesterday. "It's not a New Rochelle, Yonkers, Mount Vernon or White Plains issue,” he said. “It's a Westchester issue."

Chamberlain and others say they want to promote reform and are urging more training and more diversity within local police departments. "It's not an isolated incident. We have the killing of DJ Henry in Mount Pleasant, we have the killing of Samuel Cruz in New Rochelle, I think those are just the tip of the iceberg and point to the need for accountability," says Daniel Berger, of the Hudson Valley NYCLU.

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The group also wants the county to create an intervention team designed to deal with people who suffer from mental health issues.

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Do you agree with the grand jury's decision in the Chamberlain case?

Yes, the police acted properly. No, the case should have gone to trial.

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