PORT CHESTER - Three men accused of a kidnapping in Port Chester will soon be freed from jail after a grand jury chose not to indict them.

Justino Marin, Alberto Dominguez and Jaime Dominguez were accused of snatching a 41-year-old man as he left his home on Gilbert Place back in January. The defendants' attorneys say this was never a kidnapping at all.

One of the three suspects claims he purchased a truck from the brother of the alleged victim and say they were only trying to get it back. The men were accused of threatening their victim, saying they would dump him in Pennsylvania if they didn't get $800.

They maintained all along that they were just driving the man to a mutual friend who would settle the dispute.

The men should be released from the Westchester County Jail in the next few days. They must resolve some issues with the Immigration Department and then they will be going home.