BROOKLYN - A father is reportedly speaking out after his teenaged son drowned during a class trip to Bear Mountain State Park.

The New York Post is reporting that Jonas Pierre, father of victim Jean Fritz-Pierre, is claiming that his 16-year-old son was told it was OK to take a dip in the lake. Pierre says his son's best friend told him that a chaperone, watching from a boat, allowed them to go into the lake even though it is clearly marked as off-limits to swimmers. At some point, the chaperone left the area and that's when the teen went under water.

Pierre says he did not sign any permission slip to go swimming and wants the school to take responsibility.

The Post is also reporting that four other students on the trip were lost for three hours when they were told to hike down a trail by themselves.

School officials have not commented on the latest allegations, but say the proper number of chaperones were on the school trip and they are still investigating.