PELHAM - Relatives of the Pelham native who went missing in Mexico are hoping that human remains found there last week prove to be identified as someone else.

Harry Devert was on a motorcycle trip through Mexico six months ago with plans to attend the World Cup when he vanished without a trace, sparking an intense effort to find him.

Officials say two plastic bags containing dismembered human remains were discovered near a motorcycle in Mexico. The motorcycle matches the VIN number of the bike owned by Devert.

Drugs were also found next to the shallow grave, authorities say. Some have speculated that the remains and drugs were planted as a diversion because Mexican authorities were on the verge of raiding a cartel ranch that could have been keeping Devert and other missing Americans captive.

Devert was five hours away from completing his journey to the World Cup location when he rode his bike through the dangerous part of Mexico where he was last seen. Friends say he was planning to write a book, and adventure was in his blood.

A DNA test is being performed in Mexico to determine the identity of the remains, and samples are being sent to the U.S. to help expedite the process. Devert's mother is flying down to Mexico to help identify the body.