CROTON - Officials say the owner of a townhouse in Croton is facing felony charges after drugs and chemicals were found there.

Firefighters were called to 37-year-old Eric Scuccimarra's condo at the Half Moon Bay Development Saturday because his paper shredder caught fire.  

Once inside, police say they happened upon a vast array of illegal drugs, including Ecstasy, LSD and oxycodone. They also say they found gallons of liquid chemicals like acetone, propanol and methanol, as well as hundreds of empty pill capsules.

Police tell News 12 that they don't believe the suspect had a meth lab in his house, but they are investigating to see what other drugs he might have been making.

Scuccimarra said that the chemicals found were nothing he couldn't find at Home Depot, and that he was using them to paint.

He is facing felony charges and will be attached to another case that he has before the county court.

Last year, he was arrested in Bedford and charged with a DWI and drug possession.

He is due back in court on Thursday.