YONKERS - A family's dog is undergoing treatment for numerous injuries after they say it was mauled by a pit bull on Sunday in Yonkers.

Owner Marie Dias says her 6-year-old Lhasa apso, Lulu, was grabbed from her doorstep on Secor Place by an unleashed pit bull. The dog then ran to the side of her house and attacked Lulu. Dias and her neighbors tried to release Lulu from the pit bull's jaw, but she says the other dog was too strong.

Lulu was taken to an animal hospital in Yonkers with broken ribs, punctured organs and a bleeding lip. The Dias family paid $8,000 for emergency surgery. Police were called to the scene and released the pit bull to its owner, Denise Cafagna, who lives around the corner.

News 12 Westchester attempted to speak with Cafagna, but she wasn't at home. Her neighbor Laurie says she's surprised by the attack because the dog is always very friendly.

A Yonkers spokesperson says Cafagna brought her dog to Central Animal Hospital after the attack. He had suffered from a broken tail, bite wounds and bruising. Cafagna was also given two city citations for having an unleashed and unlicensed dog. A judge will determine if she has to pay a fine.