SPRING VALLEY - Crews say cleanup of the Finkelstein Memorial Library in Spring Valley is a bigger project than originally expected.

The library remains closed following a crash into the building by an SUV Tuesday evening. Jean Lycee, 58, says some type of mechanical trouble sent his SUV crashing into the library.

A woman and a 15-year-old girl were standing by the circulation desk when the SUV came crashing through the front door and into them. The girl was pinned under the tires, but officials say both she and the woman are doing OK.

The library now has temporary wooden doors, and more work is underway inside, including building a new circulation desk so that the library can open as soon as possible.

With small pieces of debris still lingering, such as glass in one of the children's books, crews say they are working hard to repair everything quickly.

Police say Lycee isn't facing charges at this time. News 12 has learned that Lycee was sued for causing an accident with injuries back in 2008.