CARMEL - A Westchester defense attorney is accused of witness tampering and bribery.

George Galgano was representing Mahopac restaurateur Lani Zaimi, who was on trial for allegedly groping and raping a waitress at his restaurant. Galgano allegedly contacted the woman who accused Zaimi. According to Putnam County District Attorney Adam Levy, Galgano offered money to the woman so she would change her testimony and not show up in court.

A mistrial was declared in Zaimi's case back in March.

Galgano's lawyer says Levy launched the witness-tampering investigation to seize a recording that he says proves an alleged second victim of Zaimi's is lying.

Galgano's house and office were raided by police in July. Police say they found guns and drugs during the raid. That case is pending.

Galgano is due in court next month.