RYE - A Democratic lawmaker is criticizing Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino for recent decisions he made on the future of Rye Playland.

Astorino recently announced he was hiring urban redevelopment expert Dan Biederman to review the park's operations and make recommendations. County Legislator Ken Jenkins accused Astorino of paying someone to do work that was already completed.

"Westchester doesn't need to spend a dime to know that money needs to be invested in updated rides and equipment," says Jenkins. He also criticized Astorino for hiring an outside firm to manage the park's Ice Casino, saying he provided no proof that the move would save money.

Westchester County spokesman Ned McCormack says they need to do the additional research in order to make Playland an attraction year-round instead of just 90 days a year. He added that attendance at Playland is up by about 60,000 compared to last year.