NEWBURGH - The normally quiet, peaceful community of Cold Spring was filled with FBI officials, armored vehicles and law enforcement officers today, all hoping to find alleged Long Island shooter Sang Ho Kim.

Authorities say that Kim may have vacationed in the Cold Spring area 20 years ago, and he now may have returned to avoid a murder rap.

Police are still urging people to take precautions, stay inside, lock their doors and report any suspicious activity. They say the 63-year-old Kim is considered armed and dangerous.

Kim's car was discovered abandoned at Sandy Beach Park after he allegedly shot a business associate and injured another in Long Island.

Authorities don't know whether he is alive, but they are making every effort to find him.

Resident Chris Daly says he felt safe walking with his family on Main Street in Cold Spring Thursday night. However, he adds that he will not feel secure sending his son to day care Friday morning.

Haldane schools were closed Thursday, but are scheduled to reopen Friday.