MONROE - A town board meeting in Monroe Monday night erupted in chaos over comments made about the controversial land deal involving Kiryas Joel.

Attendees say the meeting at times saw loud outbursts and arguments between the crowd and town board.

Newly elected Supervisor Harley Doles and the town board are highly criticized and distrusted by Emily Convers and the group United Monroe, who say the board favors the Hassidic community within the village of Kiryas Joel and supports a proposal to annex 500 acres of land for the village's expansion plans.

The town has aggressively denied those allegations and has said on multiple occasions that it does not favor Kiryas Joel and does not have any plans to push through the annexation.

Doles told News 12 that it's incumbent on Convers and her group to step down and let the process unfold the way it's supposed to.

Convers says United Monroe will continue to fight.