MOUNT VERNON - A 6-year-old boy with autism is safe and sound this morning after driving a toy ATV onto the Bronx River Parkway.

According to investigators, the boy was with his grandmother and 16-year-old cousin at a park near South Seventh Avenue in Mount Vernon Sunday evening. They say they were somehow momentarily distracted, and that's when the child took off on a miniature ATV.

Authorities say he traveled about a mile before approaching the ramp on the northbound side of the Bronx River Parkway near Oak Street.

Witnesses say the little boy wasn't on the road very long, as other drivers started to slow down and surround him in order to protect him.

Despite stunning drivers, the little boy, who police say was driving about 5 mph, appeared less shaken.

The boy was taken to Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital to get checked out. He was OK and reunited with his family.