CHAPPAQUA - A developer who wants to build affordable housing in Chappaqua is calling for a federal investigation of alleged discrimination in opposition to the project.

Conifer Realty wants to build a 28-unit affordable housing apartment building on a small lot between the Saw Mill Parkway and Metro-North tracks. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is now investigating if opposition by Town of North Castle officials is discriminatory.

The 28 units would be counted toward the 750 units of affordable housing the county must provide under a 2009 out-of-court settlement with the HUD, but it was rejected by the county board in December.

Robert Greenstein was elected New Castle supervisor in November on a platform opposing the project. He contends the parcel is the wrong place for any kind of housing, but is emphatic that affordable housing is not at all an issue.

He says the town has even offered the developer another parcel of land nearby for the housing. An attorney for the developer says that would just delay things further.

Chappaqua residents told News 12 they have no objection to affordable housing as long as it's safe for the people who live there.

A state board is looking into variances granted by the previous town board to see if they are acceptable. There's no word on when the board might issue a ruling.