YONKERS - Several dogs and other animals were rescued from a Yonkers apartment after allegedly being abandoned for 10 days by their owner.

The Yonkers Fire Department was called to the apartment on Orchard Place last week after neighbors complained of a foul odor. When they got inside, Ernest Lungaro of Westchester's SPCA says they found three dogs, all emaciated and dehydrated. Lungaro says one of the dogs had eaten through a door in a desperate attempt to find food.

The Westchester SPCA was called by the fire department. Also rescued from the apartment were three gerbils and a turtle. The owner of the apartment, 39-year-old Elizabeth Martin, was not at home.

Martin is expected to be in court next week and faces animal cruelty and abandonment charges. All the animals are being cared for by the Westchester SPCA.