RAMAPO - Four New York State parole officers are suing the Ramapo Police Department, claiming they were racially profiled by police officers last month.

The four black officers say they were looking for a parolee on Lackawana Trail in Ramapo last month when they were detained by police officers from Ramapo and Suffern. The parole officers say the police officers detained them with guns drawn, including an assault rifle.

The officers claim that even though they identified themselves as parole officers and were wearing badges and bulletproof vests, they were still held at gunpoint and threatened to be handcuffed if they moved. Parole officer Samuel Washington says one of the police officers was even able to identify them, but they were still detained for an hour.

The officers are calling for a full investigation and accountability. The Ramapo Police Department says it has not been made aware of the lawsuit and cannot comment on any litigation.