MAHOPAC - The superintendent of the Mahopac School District has suspended three students over racist Twitter posts about the Mount Vernon basketball team.

Mahopac superintendent Thomas Manko says the students were suspended as soon as he learned about the tweets. Manko insists more suspensions could be coming.

"Those students are being held accountable," he says. "They have been suspended from school. They'll lose privileges for participating in activities for a long time to come."

Manko stressed the suspended students were not members of the Mahopac basketball team. He does say that he is investigating whether any player on the Mahopac team used racist language toward Mount Vernon basketball players as the teams shook hands after their highly contentious game last week.

Manko has offered apologies to Mount Vernon officials, and he says he hopes both districts can turn the incident into a teaching opportunity for their communities.

The superintendent added that the suspended students will undergo sensitivity training when they return to school, which he hopes will ensure something like this never happens again.