VALLEY COTTAGE - Investigators say they have discovered a possible motive for the four suspects accused of murdering political activist Peggy Nadell.

According to a complaint against Diana Nadell and her three alleged co-conspirators, the possible motive of the victim's murder was a $4 million inheritance.

Authorities say that Peggy Nadell's daughter-in-law, Diana, and 25-year-old Andrea Benson allegedly killed the victim so that they could collect the inheritance.

The complaint also says that Diana Nadell called the victim using a disposable cellphone at 1 a.m. on Jan. 24 to lure her to the front door.

Nadell's neighbor, Roberta Ross, says she finds it hard to believe her friend's daughter-in-law may be responsible.

"I can't imagine her hurting the person that was so good to her," says Ross.

Two other defendants are accused of lying to investigators to give Nadell and Benson an alibi. All four suspects are expected to be transported to Rockland for their arraignments by the end of this week.